Exercise: Introduce Yourself

Your first assignment is to introduce yourself, and post your video on our forums.

Video is great for communication, and it's best to get in the habit of shooting, editing, and posting regularly.

Before you record your video, I want to share with you one of my favorite resources for production, content development, and marketing with video: The Wistia Learning Center.

Wistia is a company from the Boston, MA area (Cambridge, exactly), and they provide a video streaming platform for businesses. Think of it as a paid version of Youtube. While Youtube is a great platform to share content, the main focus of Youtube is to draw viewers to their own platform and advertisers. On the other hand, Wistia is built for you to drive and keep visitors on your own website.

Wistia has a lot of great content on their learning center, and I really recommend for you to look at their One, Ten, One Hundred web series.

Now a little bit of housekeeping. When you signed up, you agreed to our "Terms and Conditions". There are two important issues we want to make sure you know and understand.

The first is that we are providing an educational service, and that you have the full responsibility over what you share and don't share on the forum. We do ask members to respect each other and not plagiarize, and we will suspend or terminate anybody who is violating our Code of Conduct.

On the other hand, the goal of having a community is to give each other help and inspiration. You cannot later come back and say that somebody stole from you or owes you something for the content that you posted. If you have a trade secret or a patent that you want to protect, then DON'T share it with us or with the other community members.